What are the benefits of mediation?

What are the benefits of mediation?

Fortunately, Mediation is typically a dramatically lower cost option than either Litigation or a Collaborative Divorce.

  • The Mediation process is almost always a much faster way to obtain a Separation Agreement and/or Divorce than the the other options mentioned.
  • In fact, Mediation sets the stage and offers a workable model for how the husband and wife will agree to decisions going forward after their Separation or Divorce, especially if they have children.

I often wonder: How can litigation work, when one spouse has to make the other look like a terrible person in court, who must then be punished monetarily, and have their access to their children limited?

Mediation was designed for and is about problem solving, fostering cooperation, and finding creative solutions. Mediation works so well, in fact, that the divorcing couple are far more likely to have a better/workable relationship going forward after their separation or divorce.

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  1. I appreciate how you said the mediation process is much quicker in getting a separation or divorce. My sister just went through this and was able to come to an agreement, pertaining to assets, with her ex-spouse. I’m sure the process would have taken months longer had they gone through the entire legal process, and would have spend a lot more money that route as well.

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