The “Do It Yourself” Divorce

How many times, when contemplating divorce have you seen advertisements online saying: “Uncontested Divorce $299.” Wow, that sounds great if you’re among those who think that filling out something as potentially life changing as divorce papers, sounds like a really economic way to “git ‘er dun.” But the rest of us, who like to really understand what we are doing before we take the plunge would like some real answers to questions such as :

  • What is the marital interest in the business?
  • What is marital interest in pension plans?
  • What about health insurance – can one spouse cover the other with health insurance?
  • How do you distribute assets of the marriage? And debts?
  • Is there any spousal maintenance to be paid – – How does that get addressed?
  • What about a parenting plan for the children? My spouse doesn’t want to pay child support. Is that OK?
  • My spouse says we can each keep our own assets and everything that we have although it’s not equal. I guess that’s OK with me, but I really don’t know.

This reminds me of a time when I pulled into a fast food parking lot driving a car that had some dents in the front. A guy came up to me with a bucket full of tools, hammers, sandpaper, etc. and he said “You want me to fix the body work on your car? 50 Bucks.” I said, “$50, that’s pretty cheap. What are you going to do for $50?” He said, “I’m going to bang out all the dents for you.” I said, “That’s really not fixing it.” He said, “All you would have to do is prep it and paint it but I don’t do that. Hey, what do you expect? That’s all you get for 50 bucks.” I thought for a second and then answered “Thank you very much but I think I’m going to have to decline your very tempting offer of body work.” I knew if I accepted, the job would still require more work to get it done right.

The online divorce for $299? Well, if you are the kind of person who likes to do their own surgery or fill their own cavities, maybe it’s a good idea, but for the rest of us, we would like to go to a professional to be sure it gets done correctly. Using Mediation by a trained matrimonial mediator familiar with Family Law will get your divorce done the right way at a fraction of the cost of a litigated divorce.

Meet with me for a free consultation describing the mediation process. You will both then have a better understanding of the issues, how long it takes, and how much it costs. I encourage you to ask questions. I will try to provide to you both useful answers and information so you can make an informed decision.

Mediation will not only “bang out your dents”, but will also do the “prepping and painting.” Mediation will get the job done right.

Please feel free to ask a question, comment, or request more information in the Comments Box below. And don’t hesitate to forward this blog to anyone you know who would be interested in reading it.

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