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Mediation was designed for and is about problem solving, fostering cooperation, and finding creative solutions. Mediation works so well, in fact, that the divorcing couple are far more likely to keep to their Agreement and have a better/workable relationship going forward after their separation or divorce.

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Fortunately, Mediation is typically a dramatically lower cost option than either Litigation or a Collaborative Divorce. The Mediation process is almost always a much faster way to obtain a Separation Agreements and/ or Divorce than the other options.

In fact, Mediation sets the stage and offers a workable model for how the husband and wife will agree to decisions going forward after their Separation or Divorce, specially, if they have children.

A couple choosing to Mediate their separation and/or divorce are opting for a highly cost & Time efficient process whereby the husband and wife, with the help of a mediation, can address all the issues surrounding their legal separation and/or divorce.



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Don Sinkov mediates divorce, post divorce, custody visitation issues and move-out agreements. He has mediated over 2000 cases and his approach to mediation gives clients the best possible service.

As an expert mediator, Don is frequently called in by attorneys to help mediate complex divorce/custody issues, high asset individuals and non-traditional couples. Many attorneys and couples use Don’s services before, after and during litigated cases to help reduce costs.

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NYS Council of Divorce Mediation

NYSCDM is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the highest professional standards of divorce mediation.

Family Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York

FDMC promotes professional excellence by providing education, development and support for family mediators; increases public awareness and use of family and divorce mediation.

Westchester County Supreme Court

Don is on the list of experienced mediators in Westchester County Supreme Court who have significant training and experience in family mediation and in opening paths of communication that emphasize common ground and encourage cooperation.

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