You Can't Make This Stuff Up!! No. 1 by Don Sinkov{2:42 minutes to read} The husband and wife showed up for mediation dressed to the nines. They told me that they were executives in Manhattan-based companies, and make a ton of money. I did notice that they were just loaded with bling:

  • Rolex watches
  • Fancy diamond rings
  • Driving a very expensive car

I discussed my hourly fee for mediation with them and told them there is no additional charge if couples have more assets. It might, however, take more time to discuss and understand the nature of complicated assets and/or if there are numerous assets in different forms.

At that point, the husband said,

Listen, you can cut to the chase. The only thing I’m interested in is how much money can I get from my wife because my wife is a big executive and makes a huge six-figure salary. I think I’m entitled to alimony. I’m not really worried about the kids. My wife will take care of them. Just tell me, how much money am I going to get?

The wife was flabbergasted. She said, “I was ready to talk about the parenting plan. Don gave us a guide on how to construct a parenting plan, and I have read it and have some ideas on how our parenting plan can work.

The husband said, “Don’t worry, we don’t need a parenting plan. But I do have one very important question: Do I have to give back my Rolex watch?

For some people, it’s just about the money. How sad is that?

You just can’t make this stuff up!

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