I received this comment from a former client in response to my 7 Deadly Mistakes of Divorce article. This story is all too familiar.
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After what I thought was a successful mediation, my soon to be ex-wife rejected our Mediated Agreement in favor of engaging her own attorney. Since then, things have gotten much worse since her attorney is interested in billing only. It’s a great shame and should serve as a warning to others. Sadly, most people don’t listen.

1. Her attorney filed redundant motions alleging I was physically and emotionally abusive in an attempt to stop me from seeing my child. The lawyer got an order of protection for my wife. This wasted a lot of time and money and proved to be without merit, so it wasn’t granted by the judge. The lies and the BS were just totally amazing and flew in the face of all the facts.

2. An attorney for the child had to be appointed at an additional expense for both of us. Since then, my child’s performance at school has deteriorated. I was prevented from even calling my child for months. My wife’s attorney tried to insist I pick up my child at the police station for my child’s safety. I fought this and won after another huge waste of money.

3. After one year in court, we have only just finished discovery at an enormous cost and production of 3000 pages of documentation!!! Our home is underwater and our attorney fees now exceed the total value of our assets. So there are no more accounts to divide as was in our Mediated Agreement.

4. My wife’s attorney has no interest in negotiation. The attorney has been sent numerous settlement offers and totally ignores them.

5. My wife’s attorney has wasted tens of thousands of dollars in failed motions, trying to get exorbitant fees from me.

6. My wife’s legal bill is now $100,000. Mine is almost $48,000. She is unable to pay her bill and the court has fortunately not awarded her legal costs to me. My wife is destined to be financially ruined for life.

7. Our home is still empty. My wife’s attorney blocked both the sale and rental of the property.

8. The Court has set a trial date. I would like to reach an agreement but I doubt it will happen because my wife’s attorney has vowed to go to trial and is not interested in discussion.

We had a Mediated Agreement that gave my wife all the statutory calculations of child support and spousal maintenance. I took all the debt. My wife’s attorney promised her MORE.

Just thought you would be interested to know about this as a warning to your clients..

Kind Rgds
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