We Are Looking for the Mediator with the Cheapest Hourly Rate By Don Sinkov{2:24 minutes to read}

When the police arrest you for having drugs that you insist aren’t yours, do you look for the cheapest lawyer you can find? Or do you hire the most experienced lawyer you can find that wins all of his or her cases?

Seems like the answer is obvious, right?

However, each week, I receive 1 or 2 calls and the conversation goes something like this:

Hi, we are calling for prices for mediation. We are just shopping around at this point. What is your hourly rate?”

When I try to explain to the spouse calling that it is really about the total cost of the divorce mediation process, not the hourly rate, they don’t seem to understand. 

We are going to choose the cheapest hourly rate because we are trying to save money.”

Try thinking big-picture. What you want is value for your money.

It’s like a math problem on a test:

Pierre is a master mechanic, charges $150 an hour, and can finish the job in 2 hours. Joe is an average mechanic, charges $100 an hour, and finishes the same job in 4 hours.  

Pierre always does it right the first time, so you never have to come back. Joe sometimes gets it right and sometimes doesn’t, so you may have to come back and pay more before Joe gets the problem fixed.

It’s not very different when choosing a mediator. Don’t look at the hourly rate; look at how many cases they’ve done successfully, and look at approximately how much time they estimate it will take to complete your case. Ultimately, that is what will determine what you are going to pay, so the hourly rate is almost irrelevant.

Since you are going to be abiding by the terms of your divorce agreement for a very long time, which mediator would you choose — the one with the cheapest hourly rate, or the one who will get it right the first time and ultimately costs you less?

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