Virtual Office Space - Is it for You? by Don Sinkov{2:30 minutes to read} Most of my attorney/mediator colleagues maintain one or two offices, with a:

  • Staff;
  • Secretary;
  • Legal assistant;
  • Possibly several attorneys with whom they work.

This high overhead creates pressure to constantly seek new clients and earn enough to pay the high expenses and still show a profit.

Some of them have upscale office space in Westchester County or Greenwich, CT. Sometimes, they may have to take less desirable cases, or charge the clients for every email or phone conversation. 

The Virtual Office

What I chose to do is sign up for a Virtual Office with Stark Office Suites. They provide fully furnished executive suites to professionals in five locations throughout Westchester. This allows me to use a location that is most convenient for the client.

What are the other advantages of a Virtual Office?

The biggest advantage is that I don’t have the overhead of maintaining an office space and staff. I do pay a monthly fee and an hourly rate for room rental. In return, I have the flexibility of using any size room. They have small offices available for intimate meetings with my divorce clients. They also have available different sized conference rooms to accommodate larger meetings when other professionals may need to be present.

This arrangement is appreciated by the clients because of the convenience of a location near them. And since I don’t have the high overhead every month, I don’t have to be out every night of the week trying to drum up new business. That allows me to give personalized attention to the client. The Virtual Office has worked really well for me.

Is convenience really that important?

A colleague of mine, whose office is on the West Side of Manhattan, received a call from a potential client, who was looking for a mediator on the East Side of Manhattan. My colleague said his office was located only 10 blocks from the client’s home address. The client said, “Don’t you know somebody on the East Side? I don’t want to travel that far.

Convenience to the client and low overhead can make choosing virtual office space very attractive.

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