Cracked heart divorce dollar{1:16 minutes to read} As with so many things, except maybe gasoline and heating oil, divorce in Westchester is even more expensive in 2016.

A matrimonial attorney recently told me, “I can’t believe how much the divorce lawyers are getting for their retainers.” He is charging an average of $12,000 but currently has a case with another attorney whose minimum retainer is $25,000. When I asked what kind of case would warrant a $25,000 retainer, he explained that it was an angry spouse who had fired four previous attorneys.

At this point, the spouse is so invested in litigation, they have lost sight of why they’re hiring a divorce lawyer. It’s not about just getting divorced. It’s certainly not about the kids. It’s all about revenge and anger. When the attorneys get a case like that, they say, “Woohoo!” After sizing up the client and getting an idea of where this anger is going to take them in terms of time, the attorneys charge a whopping retainer.

In Westchester, if you are contemplating a divorce, and you think that mediation is a waste of time, you might want to rethink that and give mediation a try. If it doesn’t work, you can always spend $25,000 on a retainer for a divorce attorney. But if you can work things out in mediation, your savings can be enormous. And in 2016, the savings will be even greater.

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