Parenting Post-Divorce

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Mediation and Couples Therapy: Can They Work Together?

When post-divorce couples come back to mediation, it is often to modify child support because of a change in the [...]

Why Parenting Plans Fail

Before you construct a parenting plan, don't think about how many hours you are entitled to see the kids. Think [...]

To Divorce or Not To Divorce, That is the Question!

As a mediator specializing in divorce, I feel very strongly that part of my job as a mediator is to [...]

What’s This Nesting Thing All About?

In client meetings, the issue of custody is often a very difficult conversation. Even with joint custody, if the children [...]

My Bag is Packed, So Where Do I Go?

Part of the parenting plan I assist clients in creating is a posted calendar in each of their homes so [...]

Real Parent or Parteeeee Parent

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs you could ever have. What does it mean to be [...]