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Don Said Our Plan Was Unworkable – – We Should Have Listened!

Don Said Our Plan Was Unworkable - - We Should Have Listened! By Don Sinkov{3:36 minutes to read} 

“Don said our plan was unworkable, because we had a history of domestic violence, but we insisted that he should follow our decision to remain living together.  We should have listened to his advice, but we didn’t. Here it is 2 months later, my spouse is in jail.  Don said, people who have a tendency towards violence and are getting divorced are really like a ticking time bomb. They should not be living  together with their soon to be ex-spouse.”

Couples often have an idea of what their living situation is going to be after separation or divorce and when one of them is going to move out of the marital residence. Most of the time, it is a reasonable arrangement, but some of the time it’s not. Continue reading


Should a Newbie Mediator Apprentice with an Experienced Mediator?

Should a Newbie Mediator Apprentice with an Experienced Mediator? by Don Sinkov {1:50 minutes to read} If you want to learn how to be a divorce mediator, should you first apprentice with another mediator? Well, maybe. Can you learn some skills from them? Yes, and you could see how they apply the basic training, although what you’ll find out is that they probably throw out 90% of what they learned.

The basic training is really a broad set of guidelines and techniques, while divorce mediation is often subject-specific.

  • How do you calculate a marital interest in retirement plans, bank accounts, real property, cash values of life insurance, etc.?

They can’t teach you that in a basic 30-hour mediation training. And working with an experienced mediator will only show you their particular way of doing things.  Continue reading


I Thought He Was Going to Change!

I Thought He Was Going to Change! By Don Sinkov{2:42 minutes to read}

Imagine a couple married for over 20 years. They have been unhappy for a really long time. They have 2 children. They both acknowledge that the husband:

  • has had numerous affairs;
  • is a philanderer;
  • has a gambling problem;
  • occasionally goes on drinking binges; and
  • totally ignores the wife, and for the most part, the children.

When speaking to the wife privately, I asked her, “How long has this been going on?” She said, “Pretty much the whole time we’ve been married.” I said, “That’s over 20 years! Why didn’t you get divorced sooner?” She said, “Well, I thought he was going to change.” Continue reading


Should Mediators Draft Legal Agreements?

[Time to Read: 2 mins]

Should Mediators Draft Legal Agreements? by Don Sinkov For years, I’ve heard that some non-attorney mediators write their own settlement agreements. When I first started a mediation practice, my partner was an attorney, and we’d mediate together. Although I would write certain parts of the settlement agreement, she often modified the language and always reviewed the agreement before it was sent to the clients.

As the years went on I became a sole practitioner, writing memorandums.  My memorandums would then go to an attorney and the attorney would write the legal agreements.

Continue reading


You’re a Mediator. Really?

Don Sinkov of YourDivorceMediator.com advises to hire a mediator rather than a lawyer.I was recently emailed a 65-page Settlement Agreement by an unhappy couple. They said that the mediator who created the Agreement was horrible: He had produced this incredibly long Agreement, but they still had tons of unresolved issues.

They explained that the odd part was that the husband and wife were in complete agreement on everything. However, a week or two after they had been in to modify the Agreement for the third time, the mediator called them and said, “I’ve discovered more issues. You have to come back.”

They said, “We used the services of this mediator to create our Settlement Agreement.”

I asked, “Do you mind telling me who it is?” Continue reading


When a Mediator Levels the Playing Field, Is that Really Advocacy?

Your Divorce Mediator, Don Sinkov discusses the challenge a mediator faces when one spouse lacks the knowledge to sufficiently fight for his/herself when creating a Divorce Agreement.How often do mediation clients say:

“We don’t want anything to do with lawyers. We will not have lawyers review the Agreement. We hate lawyers. We know what they do in divorce cases. We don’t want any part of that.”

Unfortunately, the spouse that’s the most vocal about this is usually the one with the most money. The moneyed spouse doesn’t want anybody reviewing their Agreement. They usually have the financial savvy, where the other spouse doesn’t.

Continue reading


Why Do Judges Think Court is Where Families Belong?

Your Divorce Mediator, Don Sinkov asks why judges do not recommend mediation and think families should be in court.Here in New York, when couples end up in court, the Judges do not have the ability to order cases directly to mediation. But is that really the problem?

Is it because Judges think that family matters should be settled in court by a Judge who doesn’t know the family?

Or is it because Judges think that no cases involving families going through divorce are appropriate for mediation?

Some states have a mandatory mediation program, where the Judges understand that you don’t drag the kids into court if you don’t have to. Instead, they believe, because of the children, couples should try to enter into mediation to see if their problems can be resolved peaceably. Remember, these parents are going to co-parent their children after court.

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What Lawyers Don’t Know

Don Sinkov of YourDivorceMediator.com shares some comments he's received from lawyers who do not understand the mediation process.This blog is about some attorney responses to my blogs, which have been so bizarre, I had to write about them.

I shouldn’t fault attorneys that don’t understand mediation. When they attended law school, they weren’t taught about mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Attorneys are trained in dispute resolution now, and I have been invited and have spoken at several law schools on the topic of mediation.

Law schools trained lawyers to do what lawyers do: Argue, get evidence that help them argue and then argue some more. Just the opposite of mediation, right? That is why our professions are so different.

As a mediator, I try to help couples resolve their disputes by cooperating and working together.

Continue reading


How Much Should a Mediator Charge?

Don Sinkov of YourDivorceMediator.com explains how mediators charge their clients and that they're paying for years of experience.As the years go on, I have developed a better understanding of why some mediators ask for retainers, and why others also charge for phone calls and emails.

Usually, I only ask for retainers when there is a lot of work to do by phone. In situations where it is counter-productive for the husband and wife to be in the same room together, speaking to them separately by phone is a necessity, including calls to their attorneys, in order to move things along.

I once had a case where I told the client, “I don’t usually charge for emails and phone calls.” The client started emailing me regularly. By the end of the month, I had received 83 emails, and had a better understanding of why some mediators charge for emails and phone calls.

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The Kid’s Living at College. Why Do I Have to Pay for Housing at Home?

Don Sinkov of yourdivorcemediator.com explains how child support payments get complicated when a child is living at a college dorm.A dollar-for-dollar credit against your child support obligation for room and board at college – we have all heard about it and understand it’s done pretty much all the time. But is it fair?

When addressing basic child support (food, clothing and shelter), mandatory add-ons, and discretionary expenses in the Settlement Agreement, we say, “While there is no statute directing you to pay for your child’s college education, something like a SUNY clause, capping your contribution to education at a State University of New York tuition rate, is an obligation most parents and courts are comfortable with.”

“So if I’m paying for room and board at college, why should I pay for room and board at home? Isn’t that paying twice for the same thing?”

Generally, most attorneys will say, “Double shelter allowance. My client should get a reduction in child support for their share of room and board expense at college. Why should my client have to pay room and board at the home where the child is not living when they are living at college?”

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