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We Are Looking for the Mediator with the Cheapest Hourly Rate

{2:24 minutes to read} When the police arrest you for having drugs that you insist aren’t yours, do you look [...]

If You Want the Job, Just Write What We Say!

{2:36 minutes to read} Couples often get the idea that they can save a lot of money during the mediation process [...]

I’m Going to Mediation To “Get Over” on My Spouse!

{2:54 minutes to read} Couples with many assets can present challenges above and beyond in a divorce settlement. I met [...]

Binding Arbitration: Is It a Process Whose Time Has Come?

{3:12 minutes to read} For many years there has been a discussion in the mediation/arbitration community about when to choose [...]

Oh, No! My Clients Have Turned into Jailhouse Lawyers!

{2:42 minutes to read} Because: The economy is still recovering; People always like to save money; Divorce cases have a [...]

Virtual Office Space – Is It for You?

{2:30 minutes to read} Most of my attorney/mediator colleagues maintain one or two offices, with a: Staff; Secretary; Legal assistant; [...]

The King of Mediation, Really?

{3:48 minutes to read}  After a difficult couple of weeks mediating with high conflict couples, divorce lawyers calling me and [...]

Mediation Companies: Good for Business, or Bad for Mediation?

{2:54 to read} Recently, I was approached by two companies that call themselves nationwide mediation companies. They market themselves to [...]

Mediation: Last Resort, or First Choice?

{3:12 minutes to read} A couple had been in litigation for a little over 6 months and were running out [...]

Self-Determination by the Parties? Well Almost!

[Time to Read: 2.1 mins] The Mediator’s battle cry is usually,”Let the parties self-determine their outcome. Our job is not [...]