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When a Mediator Levels the Playing Field, Is that Really Advocacy?

How often do mediation clients say: "We don't want anything to do with lawyers. We will not have lawyers review [...]

What Lawyers Don’t Know

This blog is about some attorney responses to my blogs, which have been so bizarre, I had to write about [...]

How Much Should a Mediator Charge?

As the years go on, I have developed a better understanding of why some mediators ask for retainers, and why [...]

The Kid’s Living at College. Why Do I Have to Pay for Housing at Home?

A dollar-for-dollar credit against your child support obligation for room and board at college - we have all heard about [...]

Got Buyer’s Remorse?

How often have I heard, “I have a business but I don’t want to spend the money to get it [...]

Like George W. Bush Said, “It’s Hard Work.” Being Neutral, that is!

I understand it is very difficult for a couple to be in mediation and talk to one another instead of [...]

We Did Our Divorce Ourselves – What Could Possibly Have Gone Wrong?!

Recently a prospective client called and asked for some advice. She was wondering if her agreement needed to be modified. [...]

Commonly Asked Questions in Divorce

Question: Is a Cash Balance Plan a Pension Plan? Pension plans can be a little complicated. Sometimes the employee doesn’t [...]

Why Do I Need Life Insurance? I Feel Fine, I Just Want a Divorce!

Life insurance is usually for the purpose of protecting your family in the event of your unexpected death. In Separation/Divorce, [...]

Spousal Health Insurance – Should I Choose Separation or Divorce?

The answer is - - It Depends! With the rising cost of health insurance, when negotiating Settlement Agreements, the health insurance [...]