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I’m Paying Child Support, Do I Still Have to Pay Half of the Mortgage, Too?

{3:06 minutes to read} I get asked this question at least once a week. The answer is, basic child support [...]

Mediation: Last Resort, or First Choice?

{3:12 minutes to read} A couple had been in litigation for a little over 6 months and were running out [...]

Oh, No! I’ve Turned into My Parents!

[Time to Read: 2.9 mins] I'm sure you've heard or maybe even spoken the expression, "We've turned into our parents," [...]

Mediation and Couples Therapy: Can They Work Together?

When post-divorce couples come back to mediation, it is often to modify child support because of a change in the [...]

The Kid’s Living at College. Why Do I Have to Pay for Housing at Home?

A dollar-for-dollar credit against your child support obligation for room and board at college - we have all heard about [...]

Prepaid Child Support – Is it a Myth?

A few times a year, the question of prepaid child support comes up. Though not that common, it is not [...]

My Income Has Changed. Does the Child Support Change?

What happens if you already have an Agreement in place, where support levels were based on previous earnings, but those [...]

I’m Not Earning Any Money. Do I Still Have To Pay Support?

Couples are often under the impression that when we write their divorce agreement, I just bring out a form, plug [...]

If Child Support Ends at 21, Why Are the Kids Still in the House?

As long as I’ve been a mediator, clients have had the misconception that Settlement Agreements are pre-printed so we just [...]

My Bag is Packed, So Where Do I Go?

Part of the parenting plan I assist clients in creating is a posted calendar in each of their homes so [...]