Veterans of War Discount

/Veterans of War Discount
  • For all Veterans of War – Thank you for your service to our country!
  • Don offers a 50% discount on your first mediation session only,  for war veterans only.

Train the Trainer day – Fundraiser for veterans (watch for Don doing Pull-Ups!)

The purpose of “Train the Trainer Day” was to raise $2,000 to purchase a treadmill so a veteran recovering from injuries in Iraq could do rehab indoors during the winter.  This event was the idea of Mike Lipowski, pro bodybuilder and owner of Pure Physique located in Shrub Oak, New York.  The members would “challenge” Mike and trainer Dawn Robertson and would pay per rep for every exercise they did.  Some of us challenged them to compete with us.  The winner would get $5 or $10 per rep to be donated to purchase the treadmill.  I did pushups and pull ups.  Over $2500 was raised and the treadmill was purchased and for one day that veterans needs were met.

These are a few of my favorite links to help Veterans and their Families:

Hope for the Warriors Website

Hope For The Warriors® provides services to service members, their families, and families of the fallen.  Our motto is “no sacrifice forgotten, nor need unmet.”


Hire Heroes USA Website

Hire Heroes USA Website – Offers transitional assistance, job search and placement for servicemen and servicewoman and their spouses.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Webite

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Webite – IAVA was created so veterans of these wars could join the national dialogue to explain what really happened on the ground overseas and back home in the U.S.

Warrior Gateway

The Warrior Gateway Website – to promote easier reintegration into home communities.

Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc.

The Yellow Ribbon Fund Website – “Volunteer Lawyers for Veterans” is part of the Yellow Ribbon Fund – for injured service members and their families. Also, 240-223-1180 or

National Resource Directory

The National Resource Directory Website – Provides access to services that support recovery, rehabilitation and community integration.

The Gallant Few

The Gallant Few Website – Helps vets transition from military service to successful civilian careers.

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