Don Sinkov of discusses how mediation can help couples before and during marriage.Divorce Mediation is not just for married couples, whether heterosexual or non-conforming. Divorce mediation can be used for couples that are not married. As a mediator, specialize in divorce, I get couples who also want to negotiate their prenuptial agreement. They have some ideas to discuss to see if they will work, so we meet together and go over the terms that would be included in a pre or postnuptial agreement. It’s important to clarify what they want to accomplish with their agreement. They don’t want to just hand over a pre or postnuptial agreement to the other without discussing it together first. Mediation allows them to both participate in the creation of their pre or postnuptial Agreement.

More and more couples do not want to choose up sides and start fighting each other about what is going to be excluded or included. They prefer to work together to accomplish what they both want. Recently, I mediated the terms of a prenuptial agreement that then went to my lawyers to be written. Both, the couple and the lawyers were very satisfied with the way it worked and one of my attorneys drew up the agreement based on the terms they negotiated. By working together on their prenuptial agreement, the couple has set the pattern for how they will make decisions together during their marriage.

Gone are the days of “Sign this prenuptial agreement or I won’t marry you.” Couples are breaking out of the traditional mold of having their attorney write a pre or postnuptial agreement and are now working with a mediator to make joint decisions regarding the protection of their assets.


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