Don Sinkof of discusseshow divorce mediation can help any couple no matter the age or circumstance. Recently I received a call from a former client whose divorce I mediated 6 years ago. Her parents, who are now both in their 80’s, want to get divorced. The father lives in California; the mother lives in New York. They haven’t lived together or spoken to each other in over 20 years. The father has a girlfriend and they want to get married, but he has to get divorced first.

The father is afraid of flying and the trip by car or train would be too difficult for him. Since he can’t come to New York, we will do Divorce Mediation by speakerphone. The wife and their daughter will be with me, in my office in New York, and the husband will be on the other end of the phone in California. So this sounds easy, right? Oh, did I mention that both parents mainly speak Portuguese, so the daughter will have to translate what they say into English?

How old is the soon-to-be new wife? She’s a spring chicken of 73. I guess he goes for younger women.

So is Divorce Mediation just for the young? No. It can work for any couple, regardless of age, and especially those who are “young at heart.”


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