Do Grandparents Have Rights in New York? by Don Sinkov

{2:18 minutes to read} The short answer is, “Yes. Grandparents have visitation rights in New York.”

Every divorce agreement that I’ve seen specifically spells out that grandparents in New York have the right to see their grandchildren, and those rights won’t be denied. So that sounds great, and very legal, but how does that really work?

Even though the parents are getting divorced, it’s important for kids to maintain relationships with parents, grandparents, and extended family. Settlement Agreements will often contain language about grandparents and extended family being able to see the children even after the death of one of the parents. Maintaining family relationships in the children’s lives is important. Extended family usually includes grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc; however, grandparents have a legal right to see their grandchildren.

Even if the wife does not get along with the husband’s parents, or the husband doesn’t get along with the wife’s parents, that’s tough luck. The children need to maintain a relationship with the ex-spouse’s parents. And yes, by the way, it also means your parents, even though you may have issues with them.

We know that having relationships with grandparents and extended family is truly good for the kids, so those relationships should be maintained through the divorce and after. That may mean, on occasion, you’re going to have to “buck up” and speak to relatives you don’t really like.

Remember, the kids did not make the decision to divorce, you did. The kids also did not make a decision to divorce their grandparents and extended family.

So, when the kids have birthdays or during holidays, you may have to share time with grandparents and members of their extended family to show them that, despite the divorce, their relationships with these important people are alive and well.

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