When Parents Argue in Front of their Children

A recent client had an issue regarding his wife’s elderly mother. They were looking for a place for her to [...]

Why Do Judges Think Court is Where Families Belong?

Here in New York, when couples end up in court, the Judges do not have the ability to order cases [...]

The One Regret

My doctor is 70 years old and has a very successful and financially lucrative practice. The last time I spoke [...]

Got Buyer’s Remorse?

How often have I heard, “I have a business but I don’t want to spend the money to get it [...]

Which is More Likely?

Finding a cure for the common cold or finding a mediator in the courtroom? Answer: It’s a trick question. You are not going to find either. Mediation has been around for thousands of years. If you go back in history to the Druids, they were the mediators for the warring Celtic tribes. They were brought in to settle disputes and try to prevent wars from happening. As mediators, we are trying to prevent sides from warring with each other, which decimates their property, incomes and family. Sounds like divorce, doesn’t it? And yet, mediators are still treated like the new kid on the block. When you go to a courtroom, it would make sense to find a mediator at the intake when the couple first comes in, to see if there is any possibility of settling certain discrete issues or even the whole case. […]

I’m a Mediator, I Have All the Answers!

I recently got a response to one of my blog articles from a mediator who said, “Of course, I know [...]

To Divorce or Not To Divorce, That is the Question!

As a mediator specializing in divorce, I feel very strongly that part of my job as a mediator is to [...]

We Did Our Divorce Ourselves – What Could Possibly Have Gone Wrong?!

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Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Divorce… The New Normal?

Maybe I’m just becoming more aware of divorcing couples already having boyfriends/girlfriends in their lives, or maybe it is a [...]

What’s This Nesting Thing All About?

In client meetings, the issue of custody is often a very difficult conversation. Even with joint custody, if the children [...]