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Is Divorce Mediation Just for the Young??

Recently I received a call from a former client whose divorce I mediated 6 years ago. Her parents, who are [...]

Is Divorce Mediation Only for Married Couples?

Divorce mediation can be used for unmarried couples as well as married couples. It is becoming more common that couples [...]

Do Lawyers Have a Role in Mediation?

Yes, lawyers can play a part in the Mediation Process. Watch the video to find out how. If you have [...]

Mediation for Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Divorce Mediation is not just for married couples, whether heterosexual or non-conforming. Divorce mediation can be used for couples that [...]

That’s What Lawyers Do!

I am always amazed when I get a call from a prospective client and they turn out to be an [...]

The “Do It Yourself” Divorce

How many times, when contemplating divorce have you seen advertisements online “Uncontested Divorce $299.” Wow, that’s great if you’re among [...]

I Have to Pay Mr. Wonderful How Much??

In divorce cases, maintenance /spousal support is always, as we pointed out in the previous blog How Much do I [...]

Change the Agreement? Yes We Can!

As life is ever changing, sometimes events evolve in a couple’s life post-divorce that affect the terms that were agreed [...]

Consider the Children

I was very impressed by an article I read from the Scottish government regarding children and divorce. In 2007, the [...]

Got Conflict?

In New York, as avant-garde as we think we are regarding many social issues and being the economic hub of [...]