Lawyers and Judges

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It’s Not What You Don’t Know, It’s What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know. – D. Rumsfeld

Was Donald Rumsfeld actually right? Maybe . . . A couple came to my office. The wife is an executive [...]

My Sign Says Don Sinkov, Mediator, Not Merlin the Magician

“The lawyers want more money. We’re broke. Let’s try mediation!” News Flash!! Mediation should be your first choice, not your [...]

Lawyers and Judges

Some of my best friends are lawyers and judges. No, really. I can’t count how many attorneys and judges [...]

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Divorcing Couples Are Not Lawyers – Give Them a Break!

Often divorcing couples come to mediation having done some research or gotten advice from friends. Since this is usually their [...]

We Got the Kids!

This is a prime example of what happens when you leave the decision-making about your children’s lives to a stranger [...]

Is the Home a Married Couple’s Greatest Asset? Maybe Not.

Today, more often than not, the family home is not a couple’s greatest asset. Although it used to be, the [...]

When a Mediator Levels the Playing Field, Is that Really Advocacy?

How often do mediation clients say: "We don't want anything to do with lawyers. We will not have lawyers review [...]

When Parents Argue in Front of their Children

A recent client had an issue regarding his wife’s elderly mother. They were looking for a place for her to [...]

Why Do Judges Think Court is Where Families Belong?

Here in New York, when couples end up in court, the Judges do not have the ability to order cases [...]

The One Regret

My doctor is 70 years old and has a very successful and financially lucrative practice. The last time I spoke [...]