We Just Want to Get Divorced

  When a couple is in agreement about getting divorced, I often hear one spouse saying, “I don’t want to [...]

The Divorce Two-Step

How often do spouses call and say: “Look. I don’t want to go through a separation, I just want to [...]

Should Divorce Lawyers Come with a Warning Label? (Part 2)

Before going to a divorce lawyer, there are a couple of things you should know. The divorce lawyer’s job is [...]

Real Parent or Parteeeee Parent

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs you could ever have. What does it mean to be [...]

Do Lawyers Have a Role in Mediation?

Yes, lawyers can play a part in the Mediation Process. Watch the video to find out how. If you have [...]

Two’s Company, Three’s a Mediation

When a prospective client calls me, they will often ask, “Could I just meet with you on my own, before [...]

Why Divorce Lawyers Should Come with a Warning Label

I received this comment from a former client in response to my 7 Deadly Mistakes of Divorce article. This story is [...]

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What is the opposite of “E Pluribus Unum?” Is it Divorce?

  Yes, the answer is “Divorce” because it isn’t “E Pluribus Unum” but it’s “Ex Uno Plures” which means “out [...]

That’s What Lawyers Do!

I am always amazed when I get a call from a prospective client and they turn out to be an [...]

The “Do It Yourself” Divorce

How many times, when contemplating divorce have you seen advertisements online “Uncontested Divorce $299.” Wow, that’s great if you’re among [...]