I Don’t Need It In Writing – – My Spouse Will Do the Right Thing

{2:36 minutes to read} How many times have I had clients come in where one spouse, usually the husband, has [...]

The Divorce Numbers are In

{1:16 minutes to read} As with so many things, except maybe gasoline and heating oil, divorce in Westchester is even more [...]

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I Thought He Was Going to Change!

{2:42 minutes to read} Imagine a couple married for over 20 years. They have been unhappy for a really long [...]

Wow, Mediation, What a Concept!

{2:36 minutes to read} The couple had been divorced for 5 years. They spent over $250,000 in litigation. They signed [...]

If I Ignore You, Will You Change Your Mind about Getting Divorced?

{2:48 minutes to read} One spouse is often the initiator when getting divorced or separated. The other’s attitude is, “Let’s [...]

Divorcing Couples Are Not Lawyers – Give Them a Break!

Often divorcing couples come to mediation having done some research or gotten advice from friends. Since this is usually their [...]

How Much Should a Mediator Charge?

As the years go on, I have developed a better understanding of why some mediators ask for retainers, and why [...]

To Divorce or Not To Divorce, That is the Question!

As a mediator specializing in divorce, I feel very strongly that part of my job as a mediator is to [...]

We Did Our Divorce Ourselves – What Could Possibly Have Gone Wrong?!

Recently a prospective client called and asked for some advice. She was wondering if her agreement needed to be modified. [...]

The Review Attorney (An Advisor, not the Decider)

Recently I received a call from a review attorney. My mediation client brought the attorney an Agreement we had produced. [...]