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Don’t Blame Me, I’m just the Mediator!

About a year ago, I mediated a divorce case with a high conflict couple. What was unusual about this case [...]

Can Mediation Work With High Conflict Couples?

A small percentage of my clients have reached the point in their relationship where it is too difficult for them [...]

Should Divorce Lawyers Come with a Warning Label? (Part 2)

Before going to a divorce lawyer, there are a couple of things you should know. The divorce lawyer’s job is [...]

Is Divorce Mediation Just for the Young??

Recently I received a call from a former client whose divorce I mediated 6 years ago. Her parents, who are [...]

That’s What Lawyers Do

It always surprises me when a new client comes in and they are an attorney or judge. I am a [...]

Is Your Divorce Unconventional? Try Mediation!

I once met with a very attractive couple. The guy was tall and broad shouldered and reminded me of Dudley [...]

One Stop Shopping

Reviewing your Divorce Agreement may seem like an unnecessary exercise once all the decisions have been made and agreed to, [...]

Change the Agreement? Yes We Can!

As life is ever changing, sometimes events evolve in a couple’s life post-divorce that affect the terms that were agreed [...]

Mediation – A Healthy Divorce

I recently met with a couple having difficulty talking to each other because the wife felt that the husband had [...]