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My Sign Says Don Sinkov, Mediator, Not Merlin the Magician

“The lawyers want more money. We’re broke. Let’s try mediation!” News Flash!! Mediation should be your first choice, not your [...]

Free Divorce Mediation Consultation? Absolutely

When I first started as a divorce mediator, I really had no model of how to conduct myself and my [...]

You’re a Mediator. Really?

I was recently emailed a 65-page Settlement Agreement by an unhappy couple. They said that the mediator who created the Agreement was horrible: He had produced this incredibly long Agreement, but they still had tons of unresolved issues. They explained that the odd part was that the husband and wife were in complete agreement on everything. However, a week or two after they had been in to modify the Agreement for the third time, the mediator called them and said, “I’ve discovered more issues. You have to come back.” They said, “We used the services of this mediator to create our Settlement Agreement.” I asked, “Do you mind telling me who it is?” […]

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When a Mediator Levels the Playing Field, Is that Really Advocacy?

How often do mediation clients say: "We don't want anything to do with lawyers. We will not have lawyers review [...]

Why Is a Divorce Mediator like a Car Mechanic?

A car mechanic: Has all the right tools; Has been trained; Keeps up with the latest changes and software for [...]

What Lawyers Don’t Know

This blog is about some attorney responses to my blogs, which have been so bizarre, I had to write about [...]

What Do You Mean “Keep My Day Job”? I Want to be a Mediator!

After negotiating labor contracts, representing a trade union, and arbitration, I decided that maybe divorce mediation was the way for [...]

Like George W. Bush Said, “It’s Hard Work.” Being Neutral, that is!

I understand it is very difficult for a couple to be in mediation and talk to one another instead of [...]

Which is More Likely?

Finding a cure for the common cold or finding a mediator in the courtroom? Answer: It’s a trick question. You are not going to find either. Mediation has been around for thousands of years. If you go back in history to the Druids, they were the mediators for the warring Celtic tribes. They were brought in to settle disputes and try to prevent wars from happening. As mediators, we are trying to prevent sides from warring with each other, which decimates their property, incomes and family. Sounds like divorce, doesn’t it? And yet, mediators are still treated like the new kid on the block. When you go to a courtroom, it would make sense to find a mediator at the intake when the couple first comes in, to see if there is any possibility of settling certain discrete issues or even the whole case. […]

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Don Sinkov Your Divorce Mediator Westchester County, NY Putnam County, NY Phone: (914) 588-6258 eMail:

I’m a Mediator, I Have All the Answers!

I recently got a response to one of my blog articles from a mediator who said, “Of course, I know [...]