Are You Ever Too Old to Get Divorced? by Don Sinkov{2:42 minutes to read} A couple from Eastern Europe had been married about 65 years. This was their second marriage. They had a bunch of kids who were now in their 60s, and mom and dad decided it was time to get divorced. They had been unhappy for the last 25 years.

Their attorney called me and said that he knew this was a little unusual because of their age, but he had spoken to both of them and they really needed to get it done. He said, “I was wondering who makes a career out of doing unusual mediations, and I thought of you.”

I met with the husband and wife, and their attorney. Despite being in their mid-90s, we had a lively discussion about the divorce process. They were very clear that they both wanted to get divorced, now. There was no yelling or carrying on.

When it came to dividing the assets, although they had a sizeable estate, and I explained that most couples divide the assets in half, they said that is not what they had in mind. They saw things differently.

The husband had worked to build his business for many years and the wife wasn’t interested in any part of the husband’s business. The husband had a retirement plan, but the wife was waiving any interest in that as well.

The wife had inherited a large property during the marriage that was worth several million dollars. She was getting Social Security and said that was enough for her.

I have to admit, I was curious about why, after so many years and given their ages, that getting divorced now was important to them. I asked the attorney to step out of the room for a minute. I said, “Why do they want to get divorced now? Did one of them have an affair?” He said, “No, and that’s not funny, Don.”

We went back in and finalized the agreement. We had to mail hard-copies to them, because they didn’t have email accounts. They were very satisfied and ended up going their separate ways.

So, is it ever too late to get divorced? I guess not.

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