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Seven Deadly Mistakes in Divorce!!
(and How to Avoid Them)

When you read these 7 common mistakes, you may think some are outrageous, some ridiculous, and some just plain common sense, but I have seen people make them time and again. Here is a good example:

One couple started writing their Settlement Agreement with me. They agreed to the terms and everything was going smoothly. They asked if it was OK to use joint credit cards until the Agreement is signed. I told them it was fine because until the Agreement is signed, it is best to maintain the “status quo”. Though the words “status quo” are Latin, they are well understood by most human beings – – except this husband, who immediately went out and bought a $35,000 Mustang Convertible. When it came time to split up the bank accounts, the wife, who knew nothing about this purchase, found a large amount of money missing from their joint account. When I asked the husband and wife why the balance was so small, the husband volunteered that he had bought a new car for cash. He felt this was OK because they were still married and if they weren’t getting a divorce, he would have done it anyway.

This would be Deadly Mistake #5: Starting to play fast and loose with the money. It will get you in trouble every time.

How can you avoid making decisions you may regret while getting separated/divorced?

Thank you for these reminders about mistakes that we need to avoid with a Separation or Divorce. For the most part, we have avoided these mistakes, but are very grateful that we had you as our mediator to advise us on the right paths to take moving forward.  Sincere thanks, Don!


Is it a mistake to put the house on the market before coming to mediation or creating a Settlement Agreement? – To find out . . . Enter your email address below and read Mistake #4.

Your article was very good and very informative. Information that every couple needs if they are going forward with a divorce. You made our transition so much easier. We worked with lawyers first, divorce lawyers and they were not helping with settling our issues. They would cause conflict, bringing up very controversial issues in a threatening manner instead of the way you handled things. We thought the divorce lawyers wanted to keep us in disagreement because it meant more time and therefore money for them. We spent thousands and thousands of dollars before we finally realized that these divorce lawyers were hurting us financially, hurting what relationship or friendship we had left and not resolving anything.

I think you are very wise and very helpful and I would recommend anyone to you. You truly made the process as smooth as it could be. We are better friends now then we ever were and very satisfied that we didn’t spend a ton of money just fighting.

Everyone should be required to see a mediator first. It is good for the whole family.”

Carolyn J.

While getting a divorce or legal separation,
don’t make mistakes you might regret for years to come.